Friends From Afar

Everybody loves a brave girl. What I love even more, though, is a girl who broadcasts her vulnerability with unabashed transparency; who unfolds authentically without apology; who shares centuries of wisdom with one gaze. I have been following this girl, Indy, on Instagram as her mother Terah shares their journey. So captivated have I become by their story that I find myself wondering about their well-being throughout my day. Even though I have never met this dynamic duo in person, I recognize so many pieces of my past in their present, and perhaps, in their future. In addition to currently receiving chemotherapy treatment, Indy is a beautiful toddler who happens to have down syndrome. The mix of medical and health conditions coupled with disability resonates deeply with my own life. My matriculation within the medical community and disability realm began at birth with my anoxia and sustaining cerebral palsy. Without a committed, intelligent and principled mother, I believe that this process would have been far more damaging to my psyche than it has been. From the unwavering commitment to her daughter, I catch glimpses of my own mother in Terah. Most demonstrative of a commitment to walk the talk, I was recently moved by a short video of Indy cleaning her baby doll during a long stay at the hospital. In addition to the gentle caress, I noticed the baby had dark skin and tresses. Within the single snapshot, a most beautiful representation of inclusion resonated. In addition, the message of love, unconditional and unwavering even in the most daunting of circumstances bloomed brightly. Though from a far, I am honored to share a snippet of this family’s journey, cheering them on day by day. I’m in your corner, Terah and Indy.

 You can find Terah here:

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