Under the Same Moon

Follow your feet to the brink of your yard, stopping only when your toes hug the curves of the curb. Lift your head to the night and let the shimmer of glow submerge you in twinkle. As the enormity of galaxies galore dapple you, lazily dribble your own constellation. Hippopotamus? Sailboat? Know that across the expanse, I’m under the very same sky, painting the burned out gleam of the past into a future I can sparkle with. 

I Need You Now

Adriano Ficarelli

Under the duress of my revolting flesh, with my organs peeling like putrid citrus, I reach for the timeless lifeline of togetherness. Quarantined by these four dimpled walls year after year, my intuition has withered along with so many tantamount jewels of life. What I know on a visceral plane is that I need you. Yes, probably you. This fight has spread through and past my atoms and an undeniably insistent voice tells me to tell you to please come. Please. Come.

However daunting the limitations of your journey, feel the slip of them dim and find a way to me, with me. Come in urgency atop wheels or among wings not because I’m going to die. Come because I’m going to live. 

Jennifer Bialk Scott

Pulse of His Pupils

Betty Neal

In the time captured by two strides, I realized he possessed a kind of unhinged vulnerability I’d whittled a survival from. He took me into his arms without introduction and the fervor of my grasp came close to fooling even me that we’d only just met. Right this very now. 

The pale vigor of him hung like a medallion; reflecting to me a profound exasperation that colored my own insides. The transparency with which he broadcast his silent desperation had me tracing the details of his face like a stencil my fingers had long ago traversed. We followed one another along the corridor, neither one of us ahead or behind. We braced ourselves against invisible invaders, buoying along a ceaseless tidal tyrant.

Seated side-by-side, shoulder to shoulder, I felt such a compelling force to wrap myself around him with the imperceptible gentleness of a rose folding in on itself. Instead I offered my gaze like a hand and he took it, squeezing back with the tepid pulse of his pupils.