Do No Harm

“Do no harm.” Time traveling within the folds of my mind orients me to a time when, with my innocent aspirations for untethered social service, I wanted to be a doctor. Knowing now what I do, having survived many times in spite of traditional medical care, I am envious of a reality where doctors do not cultivate harm, do not become misguided, complacent, lazy or discriminatory. That is not reality. It has become evident, that like my six-year-old self, many people gifted with the freedom of brilliant health believe that doctors do only good, are diligent givers and fastidious overachievers. Whatever illusions culture propagates about heroic physicians, keep in mind that these are archetypal. If somebody you know is ill, chances are in large part, they’re saving their own lives. Do no harm… I don’t want to be a doctor anymore. I have to be. .


For those of you leading your own journey to living your best lives, we are here for you. When you need to vent, cry, laugh or strategize, remember we’re in your corner.

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