Guardians of Hope

Lack of access to an inclusive insurance is at pandemic levels, this we all know. Even with insurance coverage, you may be surprised to know that multitudes of individuals are not able to access the care they need. Not only are the majority of treatments needed often excluded from coverage, but they also culminate in unbelievably high expenses, therefore making them unattainable. So, then what? Then what? This question has circled through my mind for the past seven years as I have sought to save my life without the financial resources to do so. There have been many hours, days and weeks worried away about how I will continue to breathe, eat, survive and live again without The money to do so. I believe that in the absence of federal resources, the community has a unique opportunity to connect, support and literally save lives. This is not merely an ideal; this is something I’ve experienced personally; a cohesion of strangers unified by belief. The unrelenting financial strain placed upon individuals such as myself and many of my friends coupled with the capacity of compassion I’ve experienced has motivated me to dream bigger and then make it happen. Or at least try. 

I am initiating The Guardians of Hope, a quarterly grant program for individuals with chronic illness. Individuals who have experienced a minimum of six months of any chronic medical issue living in the United States are eligible to apply for a one time gift of $500. A simple application, no seriously, I mean simple, explaining why you would like to receive a grant will enter you into consideration as a recipient. Basic information about each applicant will be reviewed by an advisory committee, however, there is no need to submit medical records nor requisite diagnosis. So often those of us within the chronic illness community are forced to outline how each and every dollar will be spent, only to find out, yet again, that we don’t qualify for support. I’m striving to create an inclusive, accessible community-based alternative for medical treatment and lifestyle financial assistance.

Four grants of $500 will be distributed annually. This means we, the world, the community have the privilege to unify in the most precious act of kindness available; to save a life. Because this is a grassroots effort, The more sharing, conversing, re-posting and dialogue we engage in regarding this to opportunity, the greater the capacity to give Hope, give health, give life.
My goal is to distribute the first $500 grant before December 25, 2018. If this amount is successfully raised by this time, I will be delighted to do so. If the timeline is extended, the first grant will be awarded in early 2019. If you are interested in applying to become a recipient, please see the aforementioned criteria and questions. Contact information for submitting applications will be updated as funds become available. Thank you for your support, fellow guardians. We are all in this together.

Click here to make a donation or learn more! Business sponsorships  are available for $25.