The Gift that Gives

Hey ya’ll! I’m excited to share with you that Christina, a friend and artist, is teaming up with us to GIVE back to those who make a gift to the Guardians of Hope! Those who make a $30 contribution October 17 through October 31 will receive in return a one-of-a-kind metal artwork. Tailored to your desires, Christina can craft a beautiful piece just for you. Thank you so much to Christina for lending your artistry to help support individuals and families with chronic illness in receiving medical care. Click the LINK to become a Guardian of Hope!

Please include your email address in a private comment when contributing so Christina can connect with you to create your personalized artistic masterpiece.
Thank you!


If I Were a Millionaire 

I wish I were a millionaire so I could give it all away to people facing ongoing health challenges. If you’re like me, you have been struggling to save your life in more ways than one. The financial constraints of paying for healing modalities are PERVASIVE! As the former executive director of a nonprofit for children, I am well-versed in the complicated application process for grants. Nonetheless, when I became deathly ill eight years ago, my mother reached out to foundations, churches, synagogues, and other groups for support. The complicated application process and eligibility coupled with the daily crises of trying to survive made it impossible for me to find funds through any organizations. I was repeatedly turned away. Can you relate? If you have a similar story or have struggled to pay for medical care, I want to hear from you! I was fortunate to have community support through the cultivation of networking related to the nonprofit I ran and this literally saved my life for several years! Complete strangers stepped forward, offered financial support to keep me alive. So I am asking all of you out there to take action in the name of humanity! We can cohesively save lives! If you have a story to share about financial struggles related to chronic illness, please send me a message to make your voice heard! Please visit the LINK to become a guardian of hope!

Heal Thy Neighbor 

It is easy to feel immobilized in the current political climate. With access to federally funded healthcare becoming more and more limited, we have to take back our own power! The concept of community – based healthcare support may be a foreign one, but it is a way to make a difference! By making a gift of $10, $15 or five dollars, you can support your neighbor, individuals just like those pictured here, in receiving the medical care they need. Let’s take back our power, our rights, our abilities to support one another!
You can be a hero! For more information about this project please click here.

Birthday Wish 

I’ve grown up with the understanding that the ENTIRE month of October is my birthday. Because my mom was studious in celebrating my existence every day of the year, October signaled double deliciousness. Of the few dregs of childhood whimsy I’ve managed to weave into adulthood, I still subscribe to October being my month-the WHOLE month. So, even though my birthday isn’t until Saturday, I am posting about my wish now. My birthday wish, if you feel so inclined to play along, is for us all to notice somebody marginalized. With current climates, there are a lot of people to choose from. Among the myriad subgroups made to feel invisible, I encourage you to see somebody you typically might not. Perhaps you’ll open the door for this person, or simply smile and nod. But just see the person, the connections among us and in whatever way resonates with you, recognize our shared humanity.

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Suffering With Joy

“Suffering with joy.” I heard this phrase yesterday on the radio and it so clearly summarized what I believe the expectation is for women with chronic illness. Sweep your pain, exhaustion, confusion and well-justified anger under the rug for the comfort of everyone else. It comes as no surprise that society would expect women to consistently display a good-natured disposition; this is a normative gender expectation. However, the pressure to “find joy in the journey” graduates to magnificent proportions for women who have chronic illness. Every day, I am bombarded by Memes, inspirational posts and cliched representations of chronic illness. These are targeted toward women! They have pastel colors, feature adorable animals and are packaged in ways that are supposed to appeal to females. They make me cringe. I feel no guilt about my anger regarding chronic illness. I am entitled to be mad, sad, envious, depressed, cranky and every other emotion that feels authentic. I’ve been through some cataclysmic torture and that deserves recognition. So, I just want to encourage all of the women out there to feel safe in expressing the full spectrum of emotions. This is not negative, this is real life.

Graduation 2011

On a wintry day in December 2011, I shuffled into the building I’d been frequenting for the past several years for the last time. I turned in my undergraduate honors thesis, was promptly greeted by a cascade of silly string following me down the halls of my now alma mater and into the brisk, silent campus. I outreached my wingspan, all 84 pounds of my dwindling form shuddering in relief, in celebration, in pain. I would later climb a flight of stairs to share this occasion with a man I thought with whom I’d share many more. He’d caress my cheek, snuggle me close and be gone within only months. At the time, the celebration seemed to magnify in his presence, exponentially sparkling by the reflection of his lenses. But truly, deeply, the gratification and honor would  only ever bloom inside of me.

Mother-Daughter Duo: Get The Piccture 

In honor of childhood cancer awareness month, I am proud to present to you this #GetThePiccture feature by Kezia, the founder of CareALine Products. Because photos often wield a unique propensity for storytelling that words fail to convey, this feature will primarily unfold visually. I will add that Kezia and her daughter Saoirse were both diagnosed with cancer in 2011. Her daughter’s treatment challenges with chemotherapy spurred the innovation of the unique CareALine products I’ve had the opportunity to share with you all. As I reflect about this dynamic mother-daughter duo, I also take a few minutes to feel the intense emotions about the multitudes of children like Saoirse who have passed away in pursuit of saving their lives. Thank you Kezia for you willingness to share with us your story, your passion and incredible dedication to supporting those of us with central lines.