Never Say Never

Never say never. “I am never getting a PICC line again.” This phrase has repeatedly been launched from my lips over the past six years. In an echo of PTSD, my mind seems to replay haunted memories like a broken record from my days on the line. Subconsciously, I believe my initiation of the #getthepiccture awareness campaign began as a tool for me to process stagnant energy around these memories into something cohesive and community-driven. The reframing of my conceptualization of central lines has permitted me to appreciate their value. I’ve seen through your story telling the myriad ways they can empower healing, independence and fulfillment. And what a fortunate thing! Because as it turns out, I am in need of a PICC line to make possible my continuance of treatment! That’s right, I will soon be back in the central line club! Stay tuned! P.S. I think I will be giving my PICC line a name to make this less daunting. Any suggestions? 

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