Podcast in The Name of Love

I have decided that 2018 is going to be my year! Reclaiming a sense of purpose and connection with my identity has re-invigorated my commitment to finding a wonderful man to share my life with. I’m taking advantage of whatever avenues are available to help me pursue this adventure. Please take a tour of the Lymies Looking for Love Community even if you do not have a chronic illness! This is Facebook community I created, welcoming anybody and everybody with an inclusive, respectful and accommodating philosophy.

This interview with Mackay Rippey from Lyme Ninja Radio may have gathered a little dust, but the Lymies Looking for LOVE Community is gaining speed! Again, please do not let the title fool you, this is a unique community designed to make the pursuit of meaningful connection available to all! Cheers to love!

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Tell Her

Sometimes I tell myself all the beautiful words I wish somebody would say to me. This writing is dedicated to all of the women (and men) needing encouragement and recognition for the amazing task it is for you to exist. I honor where you’ve been, what you’ve had to give up to be here now, and where you are going.

A big thank you to my dear friend Patrick Plum for lending his voice to my words.

Video Narration of “By Your Side”

May I have your attention please! I am tickled pink to present to you the first ever Tick Talk video! Not only did Patrick Plum organize this beautifully, but he also breathed new life into my words with his poignant narration. My elation over this collaboration is truly undescribable. Much gratitude to Patrick and the artists featured. Enjoy!

Please visit my link for the text to “By Your Side.”


“Remember Not to Forget” artistic collaboration by E.b. Fromkes, integrating writing by Briana Beaver