Guardians of Hope is excited to be partnering with FreeArm Tube Feeding Assistant for a giveaway (a $75 value.) This is a unique opportunity to utilize a medical device that can provide additional support and freedom for individuals who utilize tube feeding and IV nutrition! To enter the giveaway on Instagram, follow us @guardiansofhopeinc
Giveaway ends February 14!

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Have I mentioned how much I love the CareALine Sleeve?! I ironically organized the #GetThePiccture at a time when I did not have a PICC. We in the chronic illness communities are well aware of how reality can change drastically, and I again found myself with a picc for the first time in six years. With a stash of alluringly colorful customized garments for lines, I couldn’t help but try one out myself. Let me tell you, this is an ingenious product! The scent free, soft-as-baby’s-skin, PICC Sleeve not only helps protect my line with antimicrobial fabrics, but adds a swaddling comfort with a convenient pocket to protect my lumen! That’s why I couldn’t be more excited to be hosting another giveaway with a size 1 AND 5 PICC Sleeve and size 2 Wrap for ports. Please visit their website for sizing details.

To enter the giveaway, 1. Follow yours truly @brianabeaver1 , 2. tag three friends AND stay tuned! 48 hours and counting until the three winners are announced!

Thank You Kezia Fitzgerald!
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Get The Piccture

Living with a central line presents complex physical, emotional and mental experiences. No matter the reason necessitating the use of a PICC line or port, the daily ins and outs of this subculture are often left behind closed doors. Get The Piccture is an opportunity for you to share your unique story in companionship with your central line. You are welcome to craft a short story, including a photo to be featured on my blog Tick Talk. Love it? Hate it? A little bit in between? In what ways does living with a central line impact your life? What do you wish others understood about your central line? This is an opportunity to share your raw sentiment, vent and help others #GetThePiccture!

Submissions should be copy and pasted into an email, please do not send a word document! Along with a short narrative, please include a photo and send to Thank you!

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