The State of Healthcare 

Oh, hey, it’s just me with no PICC line! SURPRISE! Freeeee! PICC removed! Happy Saturday night! No infection, just time to move forward! I was actually going to have it removed tomorrow, or rather later this morning, because my team has agreed it was no longer needed. But, when my dressing came up tonight, that was my cue. A long, relaxing bath never sounded so good! Here I come! 

The irony is that I hardly even used my line. The bureaucratic shortcomings of infusion companies, TPN pharmacies and what are supposed to be supportive services precluded me from getting the care I needed. I am outraged by the lack of sensitivity, integrity, respect and professionalism of in-home nursing services. In my quest to find appropriate TPN care, I contacted many pharmacies, explaining in detail my needs. They responded empathetically, promising to return my calls. I never heard from them again. The ineptitude of medical care cannot simply be a failing of intellect, it is a failing of morality. Because these and more problems happened repeatedly, it is not an aberration, but rather, a reflection of the devaluation of the lives of individuals with chronic illness. This is not OK. Luckily, I was able to pursue other avenues to improve my absorption so I was not TPN dependent. Many other people don’t have this privilege.


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