Holistic Healing: A Conversation 

What does holistic healthcare mean to you? Honestly, I feel this phrase has been tossed about so frequently over the course of my journey to health that it has lost much meaning. I have long been aware, however, that an emotional connection and sense of trust with my practitioner is high on my list. In the past, the absence of validation, commitment, encouragement and compassion from doctors has been deeply problematic for me. I’ve tried convincing myself otherwise, only to return again and again to the relationship dynamics of patient/practitioner care. That’s why I take indescribable comfort in having the kind of support, knowingness, empathy, validation and encouragement from my nutritionist. So in sync with my idiosyncrasies, he has figured out without my saying explicitly my need for conversation and dialogue about my treatment. We speak every week, and nothing is off-topic! Nothing. Sometimes I rant and rave about bureaucratic medical shortcomings, dissolve into tears over frustration with pain, and even drop a few F bombs. And he always listens, validates, offers ideas, proposes innovative solutions, and reaffirms that I can do this. No matter what we talk about, I always hang up feeling encouraged and filled with hope. This. Is. Holistic health.

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