Plan the Wedding

Plan the wedding and he will come…
After eight months of soul-searching, meditation, introspection, ego questioning, and actualizing risks in a previously uncharted manner, I’ve come to this conclusion: I’m getting married next year. As a woman who traces familial aspirations all the way back to my ponytail days, I can tell you that I’ve endured enormous heartbreak over my solitary lifestyle. Chronic, debilitating illness has need socialization virtually obsolete for me since graduating College in 2011. I’ve often subscribed to the belief of conditional romantic relationships; that I will share love and life when I am healthier. And yet, what kind of message does that symbolize? That one must achieve a certain caliber of existence in order to be worthy of love? This is rubbish. All of this is to say, that I’m ready for the big, forever, sunshine bursting from this seams kind of commitment. Come and get me.

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