Get The Piccture with Lauren

#GetThePiccture is growing into a diverse compilation of uncensored self-expression and empowerment. Thank you Lauren for your vulnerability and for sharing with us a chapter of your journey to healing with us!

Hi! I’m Lauren. I’ve had some type of central line consistently for about thirteen years now!  I’ve had ports, PICCs, and currently a tunneled Hickman catheter. While they’ve all got their pros and cons, they all have the one huge pro, they give me life. I rely on IV nutrition, also known as TPN, due to Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction. Basically a long fancy way of saying my guts don’t work the way they’re supposed to. They don’t move properly (peristalsis) and they don’t absorb nutrients. 

My central lines have given me the opportunity to give my body the nutrients it needs to live my life to the fullest. I go out with friends, am able to travel, was able to plan the wedding of my dreams to my sweet husband, play with my puppy, shop for cute vintage dresses, and all types of other fun things I love to do!

Of course there are bad days, where I really wish I didn’t have to deal with this extra appendage. And I won’t sugar coat it, some days I just plain hate it. Especially when it comes between me and a super cute outfit, as I do not enjoy having my line visible on a day to day basis as a personal choice. It’s also beyond frustrating when there is an issue with my central line because it is my lifeline. It sometimes even involves a spontaneous several hour road trip to be fixed at the hospital where my specialists are. But in the greater scheme of things, I am so thankful for the life my central line has allowed me to live! And most times, I forget it’s even there because it feels like it is a part of me.

Throughout the years of having central lines, I’ve learned many tips and tricks to keep life running as smoothly as possible. Showering used to be a huge issue, I’d even have my mom wash my hair in the sink due to fear of showering with my very first port. Now I’ve come up with the “giant band-aid” method, and shower like a champ! I’ve even started a blog that I use to share the tips I wish I’d had a blog to teach me all those years ago! If you’d like to check it out, the link is

A huge thanks to Briana Beaver for allowing us to share our stories of our relationships with our central lines!

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