Doctor Dolittle 

Here is what I really want to know: do doctors have a underestimated lack of knowledge or do they fail to employ it? I am currently working with a skilled, multidisciplinary nutritionist who has a superior command of knowledge to any doctor I have seen. Literally. After three decades of consuming doctors like water, I have never come across another health professional that actually attempts and succeeds in not only constructing a thorough history of my life, but also making intelligent, informed decisions for my treatment. I am flummoxed by the inaction and inappropriate lethargy of the medical community. This medical community includes not only Western medicine, but also naturopathic, holistic and all integrative approaches.

So, what do you think? Is it ignorance precluding healing or is it laziness? Gender and sex bias? Money? Or, perhaps a combination of all of the above.

My suspicions that I have been dismissed within the medical community as a failure and enigma have solidified over time. I believe that doctors have conveniently dubbed me a freak, yes, that is the technical term, based upon two factors. Number one, I think the fact that I have a physical disability makes for a cop out. Doctors can simultaneously blame the entirety of my suffering on my disability while also dismissing me because people with disabilities are regarded as inferior. Although no medical professional will ever admit to having overlooked my case because of my disability, I have evidence to the contrary. The discrimination based on disability and income coalesces; ideological frameworks posit that people with disabilities will not be socially productive and therefore do not matter as much. If my life is inferior and I won’t be contributing to capitalism, why would I be worth helping? Additionally, or perhaps, more importantly, how will I pay my bills to continue supplementing the opulent lifestyle of my doctors?

And, thus, here I am fighting still to save my life.


5 thoughts on “Doctor Dolittle 

  1. Dr. Doolittle.. great characterization.
    I had two. My former MD who diagnosed me,gave me doxy and I was taking Augmentin for a never ending Strep infection. As my condition worsened and I began showing symptoms of neuro Lyme.
    This doc and ID I was referred to did nothing else,but take notes.
    ID wanted to do a spinal tap,wouldn’t treat me on symptomology alone w/ out it.
    The ID I left last August and my MD in September,after 8 yrs.too many.

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  2. I can’t answer the question about why doctors don’t seem to be able to offer any help, but I admit that I have had the same problem. I have improved more since I stopped expecting them to help and realized that God is the only one who truly knows how to help me.

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