Looking For Love

Alrighty then, Siri! It looks as though I’m going to refer to all you humans for some assistance with supporting me in my efforts to find a wonderful man in 2018! For more information about my Facebook Community dedicated to providing an opportunity for meaningful connection, and other avenues in the name of love, please go here!

Despite a recent flare of health challenges, I’m remaining stalwart in my efforts to connect. If you have any nontraditional suggestions for cultivating a conversation, know of any loving, compassionate men who may be interested in getting to know me OR happen to be such a chap yourself, please let me know!

I am quieting the pessimistic rattling in my head, chastising me about the insubstantial chances of this inquiry. The reality of my reality is that the fact that I’m here, right now, voicing this desire to give and receive compassion, intimacy, wit and whatever ripples of relationship may transpire, is pretty unlikely. I’m still here. I have still within me overflowing joy for even the IDEA of mutual support and understanding.
Thanks everybody! Cheers to love!


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