This Could Be You

This could be you.

My weary eyes pantomime to the patronizing face hovering above me. She adjusts the various apparatuses tethering me to chirping machinery. So habitual has their residence in my sphere become, they nearly feel normal. Devastatingly, heartbreakingly normal.

The coupling of her iridescent vibrancy with my stubborn pain is exacerbated further by the engorged diamond pointed my way. In a malicious cocktail of anthropomorphism, the stone seems to mock me. It captures my symbolic despair, plunging me harshly into the confines of my loneliness.

This could be you.

The whirlwind of my wobbly mind wonders about the man who placed the silver around her delicately perfect finger. Is he generous, frugal or endearingly idiosyncratic? Would he believe me to be beautiful? In a parallel universe painted by strokes of privilege, could it have been instead my own finger upon which he had promised forever?

This could be you.

Upon her nourished cheeks she sports a saccharine smile. So intoxicatingly inauthentic do the corners of her patronage crumble, that I want to inform her that there is nothing to smile about around here. I want to toss the silky edges of her predictively pastel reality into a noxious puddle, submerging them indignantly until the robust rose hue drains like the crimson from my flesh. 

This could be you. 

Mixed media by Jordan Landerman


7 thoughts on “This Could Be You

  1. This post drove me to feel very introspective. You have a great use of vocabulary which seems to intensify your scenario. You drew very well on the senses and gave your reader enough information to construct an image whilst leaving some to the imagination.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I find great joy in knowing this writing connected with something inside of you. I appreciate your attentiveness to the syntax as well as the pulsing emotion. Thank you very much for your pensive reflection.


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