Invitation To Inquiry 

Hello my dearest followers and bloggers extraordinaire. As some of you may already know, I am the proprietor of two blogs. Tick Talk was born from my sole necessity for emotional detoxification. I honestly never intended or expected others to engage in these highly emotional, vivid portrayals of pain and torture. I have been happily surprised by the support and solidarity I have received.

As I have continued to progress in my recovery and re-establish abilities, I have connected with my passion for social justice and advocacy. A few months ago, I poured my passion into the creation of an additional blog where I combine personal experience, my love for sociological inquiry and current cultural events into, what I hope, are meaningful conversations. I invite you to peruse The Wrongs I Must Write so together, we can convert societal wrongs into rights.

The connection cultured through my writing and interactions with all of you is treasured. Please share with me your own thoughts, reflections and visions for a more egalitarian society. We are all in this together.

8 thoughts on “Invitation To Inquiry 

  1. Hi Brianna.
    When you asked before about using a photo from my homelessness project, an idea started to formulate. We could collaborate on a photo essay together, where we both take photos, and co-write the essay. I don’t have a theme in mind, but if your interested you’re welcome to email me. It’s

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    1. Hi Richard,
      I am definitely interested in collaborating. I’m not much of a photographer, however, so I don’t know that I would have any photos to contribute. I would be interested in featuring some of your photos for a collaborative essay in which we could both make independent posts but tie them together? Does that sound interesting to you?

      Photos of any underrepresented groups within society would be amazing. People of color, with disabilities, experiencing homelessness, etc…

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  2. That would be great. I have a publisher for my photo essays, so if we collaborate, and write one article together then we can co-publish it (they link back to our blogs), and once they have published it we can then post it on our blog and link back to them. Their site is

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      1. Fab. It’s going to be a process that takes a while. I have so much going on with my studies at the moment, and my mental health also impacts upon my ability to get out. But i will move forward one person at a time as and when I can and I will keep you informed.

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