I’m Not A “CP Blogger”

Labels. They are omnipresent, scratching scars along the flesh of humanity. A series of what some may call catastrophic occurrences throughout my lifetime thus far have oriented me to the damaging effects of labels. Because of my own matriculation in a strange universe where people total my sum in terms of diagnoses and disability, I have become attuned to the ways we categorize others. Even what may seem to be mundane reflections quickly morph into dichotomy. You and me. Us and them. The resulting dehumanization of the “other” is what war, racism and so many other detrimental phenomena are made of.

So, what does this have to do with blogging? Ironically, I consider writing to be one of my sole escapes from the confines of labels. Therefore, I have recently been surprised and perturbed by others thrusting upon me categorization within the blogging community. Please, let me be clear that though I write about topics of chronic illness and disability, I am not a “CP blogger.” I blog outside of the box; I challenge normative expectations by bringing awareness to their existence.

It is my intention that by exposing personal and global examples of the often unintentional ways we separate one another, that we can begin to shift our standpoints. In how many ways today did you think or perhaps indicate with your words that somebody belongs to a different group than you do? I’m not exempt from this process , either. I do my best to be cognizant of when I draw conclusions about others that distance them from myself. Because, truly, what I’m after in this lifetime is togetherness.

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