King For A Day

I do not dedicate one singular sun and moon to the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. I do not flood my social media account with poignant quotes emblazoned upon aging photographs only to have them replaced tomorrow. Instead, I consult the perspective of this altruistic, compassionate leader as though I could reach across the table and cradle his hand in mine. It weighs heavily upon me that not only is this an opportunity I can conjure only within my mind, but more importantly that our society feels intensely the reverberations of his premature absence.

With daily insults from Washington marring the inherent beauty of diversity, the doctrine of MLK magnifies with sacrosanct luminosity in my life. Allusions to his dedication to unconditional love, nonviolent disobedience and the indomitable quest for peace pepper the reel of my internal dialogue. In whatever ways available to me, I set forth intention to notice the invisible, support the silenced and extend compassion when I often am overwhelmed with disillusionment.

As I believe cadres of others also steep in a paralyzing stupor of shock, I hope that in this space we occupy together, we can remember. May we remember our collective humanity, the trajectory toward equality and remember every day can be MLK Day.

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