A Prescription For Perspective 

One advantage of telescopic perspective is the opportunity it affords for privilege. Cast a global view from your tiny island and what once appeared to be unyielding boulders, shift like a mirage through the lens of compassion. Though this standpoint has required daily cultivation for me to learn to acknowledge, upon doing so, I have become more empowered. Instead of leaning so heavily upon the crutch of attaining normalcy (whatever that is) before celebrating, I am learning to recognize victory in the now.

Before you roll your eyes defiantly, don’t worry, this is not some advice prescription for enlightenment. Much to the contrary, my reflections I support the claim that there is no such thing. The linear definition of success, happiness, and well-being propagated by a consumer-capitalist agenda leaves little room for individuality. Moreover, the emphasis of production and attainment in an ego-centric environment is quite stifling. The recognition of my own power to re-define what action or accomplishment warrants a warm fuzzy feeling is proving to be helpful.

Extending my thoughts toward compassion with genuine energy is opening pathways. As literal neurological roads are remapping, so too are opportunities to find a more livable tomorrow, today.

Jennifer Steidl

2 thoughts on “A Prescription For Perspective 

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