Podcast in The Name of Love

I have decided that 2018 is going to be my year! Reclaiming a sense of purpose and connection with my identity has re-invigorated my commitment to finding a wonderful man to share my life with. I’m taking advantage of whatever avenues are available to help me pursue this adventure. Please take a tour of the Lymies Looking for Love Community even if you do not have a chronic illness! This is Facebook community I created, welcoming anybody and everybody with an inclusive, respectful and accommodating philosophy.

This interview with Mackay Rippey from Lyme Ninja Radio may have gathered a little dust, but the Lymies Looking for LOVE Community is gaining speed! Again, please do not let the title fool you, this is a unique community designed to make the pursuit of meaningful connection available to all! Cheers to love!

Connect with us HERE!


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